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Believe it or not, the type of hanger can have a big impact in your closet space. So now, the question is, which type of hanger should you use? With this article, you will learn a couple of tips for choosing a suitable hanger or suitable accessory for your closet.

First of all, it is wise to pair bottoms and hangers and have them both in one hanger. This is both space saving and time saving when it comes to deciding which outfit to wear for work or for a night out. Special hanger designed for pair outfits is what you should invest in. You will want a hanger that has cascading hooks or clips. These hangers will work even for those slippery and delicate pieces.

The next tips is to choose hangers that are designed to accommodate more than two pieces. This one can really save a great deal of closet space. For example there are hangers that can accommodate 3-4 pants. Hangers with multiple clips can have this function.

Next, invest in one or two storage boxes or collapsible storage containers and they are really good for small pieces or accessories. This is your best solution to a cluttered closet. This is good for keeping pairs of socks together or for keeping underwear in one place. With the help of collapsible storage containers, finding things especially small clothing is a lot easier. Imagine not having to dig the entire wardrobe for that other pair of special socks.

Next, protect the shape of your tailored clothing by using hangers specially designed for that purpose. These hangers are usually curved so that they conform with the shape of the shoulder of tailored or heavy suits. Some even come with a resealable bag.

It is also good to have three or four velvet hangers that come with hooks and clips. These hangers are multi purpose. Velvet hangers prevent light clothes from slipping down hangers and the hooks and clips will accommodate a couple more pieces.

When it comes to organizing closet, you need a place that sells a wide variety of hangers and organizing accessories. Choose colorful velvet hangers or collapsible storage containers to make your storage space of closet look more fun. Not only do these items come in various designs and colors but there are those that have interesting patterns. Or you can stick with the basic. You can choose a different color for your partner and another for yourself. Color coding is a good space saving or space organizing idea. And of course, shopping will be fun if you have plenty of choices. To learn more, click here.

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