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Treatments for Mild and Severe Acne

Today, there are a lot of people experiencing the problem of acne. A lot of people experience having acne at some stage of their lives. Most people only have mild acne problems, but there are also cases when the acne problem has become serious and led to severe acne condition.

You will find medicine for acne treatment in any drugstore since there are a lot of manufacturers making medicine for acne treatment. If you go to any drugstore you would find many different types of medication for acne treatment. It is common for people to do self medication because it is more convenient than visiting a doctor for your condition, and so at the drug store they choose from among the many acne medicines and choose the one they think will do them good. This is not really advisable. It can be harmful to do self medication especially if you do not know the ingredients in the mediations that you are taking and so it is possible to get yourself in a much worse condition that when you actually started.

If you have mild or moderate acne problem, you do not need medicinal treatment for it. Taking care of your skin and eating healthy foods is one way to get rid of mild acne problems. You also need to increase your intake of water, fruits, and vegetables. You should avoid eating fried foods and fast foods. If you do this, you can avoid your acne from worsening and at the same time help you body take care of its own healing.

However, this is not the kind of treatment you follow for severe acne. You should seek medical treatment if you find that your pimples are infected and are filled with pus. Most medicines prescribed by doctors for external application work well. Therapeutic injections and surgery are sometimes needed for those who have severe cases of acne, and this is when topical applications are no longer effective.

Minocycline, tetracycline, and doxycycline are the medications conventionally used when treating severe acne. These medications taken with other antibiotics fight microorganisms that worsen the acne problem. These oral antibiotics are only prescribed if one has severe acne problems.

Whatever treatment you want to go for, it is up to you to decide. Whatever treatment you chose, make sure that you keep your skin clean. Take every possible step to prevent infection. If you notice severity in your acne condition, then you should not hesitate to visit a dermatologist for consultation. The dermatologist will check how severe your acne problem is and from there prescribe the best medicine for your condition.

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