What Companies Need to Know About Managed IT Services

The United States is at the heart of digital transformation. As with each transition period, many companies will surpass it with flying colors while others will disappear. Thinking this way, businesses that can strategically tie managed it services to its commercial ideas will almost certainly succeed.

IT is complex

The companies that dominate their business have come to understand that Information Technology is becoming increasingly difficult and more to operate. In fact, the proliferation of technologies and a constant threat to IT security is overwhelming. Companies should also pay attention to the lack of resources and expertise that limit the time devoted to business priorities, all of which are creating a widening gap between businesses and the IT industry.

What can IT managed services do to help your business?

Managed IT services enable SMEs to focus on strategic and commercial activities while maintaining the low and high profits costs. The company outsources some or all of its IT functions to an external company that has the expertise to ensure the proper functioning of its infrastructure and services. The latter ensures the proactive management of the IT systems covered by their contract.

According to experts, more and more business leaders are opting for this type of two-tier IT strategy. Thus, internal resources are actively engaged in research, innovation and value-added projects to generate business opportunities, while general maintenance of the infrastructure is outsourced to an external firm. Managed services can include:

  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Network management
  • The security of the infrastructure
  • Capacity and performance management
  • Backup management
  • Data recovery
  • Management of every workstation
  • User support
  • Management of antivirus and software patches
  • Management of hardware inventory, software, and maintenance contract
  • Management of other providers or services (Software, cloud services, internet access, etc.)

It is a simple and flexible solution. Supported services are based on the needs and business objectives of each company.

Maximizing assets

In addition to maximizing the use of your IT assets, proper IT asset management improves your organization’s efficiency and performance while minimizing costs. In addition, knowing all the elements of a company’s computer systems, including the manufacturer’s maintenance contracts, allows people to solve computer problems more quickly and efficiently, and will also limit risks.